Zerona™ Laser Can Shrink Fat Cells

Question: So many things are written about plastic surgery these days, that I have a hard time telling fact from fiction. Recently I’ve heard about a laser treatment that can help me lose inches by shrinking fat cells. Can this be true? I’m interested in an alternative to liposuction.

Answer: Laser treatments have given us a number of new options for helping patients achieve great results. Some of them can be done in little time with very few side effects. The new laser procedure that can shrink fat cells is called Zerona™. Zerona™ is often referred to as a “cold laser.” It is unique because, unlike other laser treatments that heat the targeted tissue, Zerona™ uses a specific type of laser energy (at a low power level) to penetrate into the subcutaneous fat layer to affect the membranes of the fat cells. The resulting biochemical effect actually causes the fat cell contents to liquefy and then leak out of the cells, which reduces their volume. As this volume is lost, the cells shrink. As the fat cells get smaller, you lose inches in the targeted areas. Zerona™ laser treatments are painless and are given in a series of six 40-minute sessions over two weeks. Results vary from person to person and, like traditional weight loss or even liposuction require a healthy lifestyle to maintain results.

Whether you’re wondering about Zerona™ or have any other questions about the types of body sculpting procedures that might be right for you, the team at The Langdon Center is always available to answer your questions. We encourage you to contact us at 203-453-8625.

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