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ProLipo™ Laser Lipolysis for Increased Skin Contraction

The ProLipo™ laser adds two additional laser wavelengths for use during liposuction. One wavelength in particular provides very effective connective tissue shrinkage and is preferred for cases in which ehanced skin contraction is needed. ProLipo™ laser energy is used in the same body areas where SlimLipo™ is used. The ProLipo™ laser has particular advantages in [...]

SlimLipo Laser Lipolysis for Specific “Melting” of Fat

SlimLipo is an improvement on the older SmartLipo laser. Both of these lasers are used to deliver energy to the fat layer after local anesthetic solution has been infused. The SlimLipo (Selective Laser-Induced Melting) laser was designed to effectively melt fat cells while leaving intact the delicate connective tissue within the fatty layer. This selective [...]

Sedation Not Needed for Laser Resurfacing

Question: Can I get laser resurfacing without sedation? I do not want any sedatives as I don’t need any. I heard a doctor around here wouldn’t even do it without the patient being sedated. However, I have heard of some that just use local anesthesia with an OPTION for sedative or iv sedation. Please let [...]

Erbium laser before filler for lower eyelids

Question: I am scheduled for erbium laser resurfacing on lower eyelids in two months. If I wanted to get filler done under the eyes should this wait until after the resurfacing? Or how long after resurfacing would you recommend getting the filler injected if it can be done at all? Answer: It probably makes the [...]

Dr. Langdon Discusses Lipo Body Sculpting on WTNH

I recently was interviewed on WTNH’s CT Style television show (January 20) about the latest trends in body sculpting including advanced techniques for liposuction and for using a patient’s own fat and stem cells to augment body areas including the face and breasts. At The Langdon Center we offer more options for Body Sculpting than [...]

Dr. Langdon Guest Speaker at ENT meeting

On November 11, Dr. Langdon, board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, was a guest speaker at the semi-annual meeting of the Connecticut ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Society, the statewide society of physicians in the specialty of otolaryngology. The theme of the meeting was facial plastic surgery; the venue was the Aqua-Turf Club in Southington, CT. [...]

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Sun Protection: Your Best Defense

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is a number that indicates how many times longer, with protection, the skin may be exposed to the sun before sunburn damage results. For example, a properly applied SPF 15 sunscreen will prolong the time it takes to sunburn by 15-fold. An SPF 30 sunscreen will block twice as much UV [...]

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Fraxel Skin Rejuvenation: Sun Damage Eraser

The Fraxel laser is considered one of the most significant advancement in skin rejuvenation since the advent of laser resurfacing in the mid-1990s. Fraxel laser treatments greatly improve the appearance of sun-damaged or aging skin yet avoid significant post-treatment inconvenience for the patient. The advantages of Fraxel laser treatment are so substantial that the Fraxel [...]

BodyJet Lipo by Dr. Langdon on WTNH (New Haven)

Yesterday evening (February 16) we were featured in a story on WTNH TV about the new BodyJet liposuction system! Health reporter Jocelyn Maminta visited our office last week to interview me and one of our BodyJet patients. Please check out her report and the video segment on the WTNH website. At the Langdon Center we [...]

Cosmetic Surgery Times article on SLIMLipo

We have been very happy with the results we have been getting with the SLIMLipo laser for liposuction. The laser is used after the local anesthetic has been administered; it actually melts the fat, which enables us to use smaller instruments to suction the liquified fat during liposuction. The biggest advantage of liposuction with SLIMLipo [...]

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Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing

At the Langdon Center we have been getting great results for our patients using the Fraxel laser for rejuvenation of facial and non-facial skin. Dr. Langdon was one of the first physicians in the country to acquire the Fraxel laser (in September 2005). As we discussed in a previous newsletter article, the Fraxel laser affects [...]

Express Lift at The Langdon Center

Dr. Langdon was recently featured on WTNH’s CT Style Magazine discussing the Express Lift, a minimally invasive face-lift that erases years from your age.Please take a moment to view the segment. If you are interested in a consultation to find out if this is an opti0n for you, please call us at 203-745-0340, ask for [...]

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What Do Your Eyes Tell About You?

In a study conducted at the University of Western Ontario, psychologists tested people’s perceptions of eye size. They used computers to manipulate pictures of 18 women’s and 9 men’s eyes so that they were made to look small, medium and large. Then the researchers asked test subjects to characterize the personalities of the people in [...]

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