Healthy Skin Care Tips

Healthy Skin Care Tips

Winter is tough on skin. We’d like to remind you to treat your skin kindly by giving it regular facials that you can even do at home:

Begin with warm skin and open pores. After a shower is a perfect time.

  • Step 1: Cleanse (Daily): remove all makeup, dirt, and debris.
  • Step 2: Exfoliate (2-3 times per week): use scrubs with enzymes, acids, or round beads to lift away dead skin cells.
  • Step 3: Treatment Mask (weekly or as needed): use your mask to address specific conditions like breakouts, dehydration or dark spots.
  • Step 4: Hydrate (daily or as needed): layering a serum beneath your moisturizer in the winter is an excellent way to deliver additional nutrients to your skin. Remember, the general rule for layering skin products? Thinnest to thickest.
  • Step 5 Moisturize (daily): Apply your moisturizer by gently pressing and folding away from your skin.
  • Step 5: Eye Treatment (daily or as needed): gently dab on your favorite eye product using your ring finger. Remember to take extra care with the skin around your eyes.

*Always remember to apply sunblock, even during the winter!

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