is the newest injectable “filler” to be used at the Langdon Center and is receiving a great deal of interest because of one major advantage: it provides permanent results. The main component of Bellafill is tiny particles made of methacrylate, a type of synthetic polymer. Methacrylate is a biocompatible material that has been used for decades in implantable medical devices and is extremely well tolerated. The methacrylate particles are optimally sized to stimulate production of the patient’s own collagen, providing long-term volume augmentation.



Bellafill is placed beneath the skin and is used in two ways. First, deep folds or furrows around the mouth can be filled by placing Bellafill just below skin level in the area of the furrow. Second, Bellafill is used as a more generalized filler over wider areas of the face that are prone to volume loss as part of the aging process. These areas include the temples; the area in front of the ear and below the cheekbone; the mid-portion of the cheeks; the front part of the face on either side of the nose; and the jawline in front of and behind the jowls. This more generalized volume loss (referred to as atrophy) is most pronounced in people who are of normal or less than normal body weight.

Upon injection of Bellafill, there is an immediate improvement, but the majority of the correction develops over the next few months as the patient’s own collagen appears in the vicinity of the methacrylate particles. Collagen produced by a patient tends to be long lasting and is bolstered by the continuous presence of the Bellafill particles. Clinical studies have proven that there is substantial augmentation five or more years after initial treatment.

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