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We’re all familiar with the wrinkles that come with age. But another common sign of aging that may negatively impact your appearance is facial volume loss, leading to a gaunt or deflated look instead of soft, youthful contours.

What is Facial Volume Loss?

Facial volume loss refers to the age-related loss of fat and skin structure in the face, which can lead to under-eye hollows, sunken cheeks, and thin lips. It can also worsen the appearance of wrinkles, skin laxity, and jowls. Though facial volume loss tends to affect certain areas most noticeably, it can affect almost any part of your face.

While too much facial fat can create a puffy look, not enough can make you look aged and tired. Volume loss may alter your facial contours or worsen the appearance of specific features. Two of the most common concerns related to facial volume loss are thin lips and tear troughs under the eyes, which can contribute to dark circles.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Loss of facial volume is a common part of the aging process and is primarily caused by decreased collagen. This fiber helps give our skin structure and support, keeping it smooth and firm. Our bodies produce less collagen as we age, however. Sun damage also breaks down collagen fibers, worsening the decline.

A decrease in facial fat can also lead to less facial volume. This can stem from aging, or significant weight loss may result in too much thinning in certain parts of the face.

Other factors can contribute to facial volume loss or bring about earlier signs of aging. Your lifestyle and health habits, such as smoking, diet, and sun exposure, can bring about facial volume loss sooner or more severely.

Because volume loss results from decreased collagen, there are steps you can take to prevent and minimize it. A healthy lifestyle and skin protection from sun damage is essential for youthful, firm skin. Using quality skin care products can defend your skin against damage and boost its overall health. 

At the Langdon Center, we also offer multiple treatments to counteract facial volume loss. Treatments that stimulate collagen production, such as microneedling and CO2 laser resurfacing, can restore your skin’s structure and firmness. These facial rejuvenation treatments also benefit your complexion, reducing issues like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

If volume loss is your primary concern, a targeted treatment may be most suitable, especially if the volume loss is secluded to specific areas. Two of the most common treatments for facial volume loss are dermal fillers and fat grafting.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are gel-like injectables used to restore volume in the face. The Langdon Center offers several types of dermal fillers with different formulas for each patient’s goals and needs. Many popular fillers, like Juvederm®, are made with hyaluronic acid to boost moisture for softer, healthier skin. We also offer Sculptra®, a unique filler that stimulates collagen production for long-lasting improvements.

One of the key benefits of dermal filler treatments is their convenience and versatility. Dr. Langdon can create a customized treatment plan with the best fillers for your specific concerns, whether you want to enhance your cheekbones or achieve plumper, fuller lips. The injection procedure typically takes just a few minutes and requires no downtime.

Facial Fat Transfer

Like dermal fillers, a facial fat transfer replaces lost volume in the face. However, this procedure uses your own fat rather than artificial fillers. Dr. Langdon uses liposuction to remove fat from an unwanted location and then injects it into targeted areas of the face. Common donor areas for this unwanted fat are the abdomen or thighs, allowing you to slim down trouble areas.

The benefit of fat grafting is its natural, long-lasting results. While dermal fillers typically last six months to a year, a facial fat transfer can last a lifetime. If your volume loss is primarily around your eyes, Dr. Langdon uses fat grafting for an innovative natural eyelid lift as an alternative to blepharoplasty.

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