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Facial skin revitalization was revolutionized in 2005 with the introduction of the Fraxel laser, the first laser that enabled fractional resurfacing. Now, the picosecond laser has revolutionized the field of laser treatments yet again. The Langdon Center proudly offers facial rejuvenation with PicoSure, the world’s first picosecond laser.

What is a PicoSure Laser Facial?

In a Fraxel laser treatment, microscopic spots of laser energy coagulate the skin, replacing old skin with new skin during healing. The treatment is gentle because only about 20% of the skin’s surface area is affected by each treatment, but this still has a noticeable rejuvenating effect on the patient’s complexion. This benefit is even greater with the advanced technology of the PicoSure picosecond laser.

A picosecond is a trillionth of a second and refers to the time span of the laser pulse. Laser energy delivered in an ultra-short (picosecond range) pulse has an anti-aging effect on the skin, removing excess skin pigmentation and stimulating new collagen production. The result is a brighter, clearer complexion and firmer, healthier skin.

Age spots due to sun damage respond well to picosecond laser treatments. Even difficult-to-treat conditions such as melasma and post-acne pigmentation can improve rapidly with PicoSure treatments. PicoSure laser facials can also effectively treat problems with skin texture, including wrinkles and acne scarring. In fact, the PicoSure is the first laser cleared by the FDA for treating facial acne scars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A PicoSure laser facial typically lasts just 10-30 minutes. Dr. Langdon will place the PicoSure Focus device on your skin and move it over the treatment area as it delivers quick pulses of energy. The treatment is nearly painless, with only a mild stinging sensation, and most patients don’t need anesthesia of any kind. 

The innovative PicoSure device uses pigment-seeking technology to treat hyperpigmentation and dark spots. The short energy pulses break down excess pigment, allowing your body to absorb the particles. With the PicoSure Focus lens, the fractionated laser beam can also stimulate collagen and elastin production by causing controlled damage to the skin. PicoSure is also effective for laser tattoo removal

The most remarkable advantage of PicoSure laser facials is the non-thermal effect with no significant heat on the skin, resulting in an ultra-gentle treatment with no downtime. Unlike Fraxel and other fractional laser treatments, there is no need for anesthesia prior to picosecond facials. The ultra-short, picosecond energy bursts cause less damage and, therefore, less discomfort and recovery time. 

You can expect mild redness after a PicoSure treatment, which subsides within an hour. Since there is no significant swelling, you can resume your regular activities immediately after treatment.

The revitalization effects of picosecond laser treatments are impressive. The treatment can lighten age spots, soften wrinkles, and smooth out skin texture. Even acne scars are improved after a series of PicoSure treatments.

There is usually obvious improvement after only one or two treatments. However, Dr. Langdon typically recommends a series of three to five sessions for optimal results. You can then preserve your brighter, more youthful skin with occasional maintenance treatments.

If you’re looking for a convenient solution for sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars, you may be a good candidate for PicoSure treatments. The PicoSure laser is suitable for all skin types and tones. However, we may not recommend this treatment for patients with certain medical conditions, medications, or recently tanned skin. During a detailed consultation, Dr. Langdon will help you determine if PicoSure laser facials are right for you.

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