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Your skin is constantly changing. It sheds old cells to make room for new ones, and it produces new collagen as age and sun damage break the fibers down. As impressive as your skin’s ability to heal and protect itself is, sometimes, it can’t keep up. Laser skin resurfacing treatments boost your skin’s restorative process to reduce signs of aging and enhance your appearance.

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

As a premier laser center, the Langdon Center offers a variety of laser treatments with the most cutting-edge technology. Dr. Langdon performs skin resurfacing with the UltraPulse CO2 laser or Sciton Erbium:YAG laser. Laser resurfacing rejuvenates the skin by increasing collagen production and replacing dull, damaged skin with healthy new cells.

The difference between the CO2 laser and the Erbium:YAG is their wavelengths. A CO2 laser has a longer wavelength that produces more thermal energy, which penetrates deeper into the skin. With a shorter wavelength and “colder” energy, the Erbium:YAG is a gentler laser treatment, and the intensity can be adjusted according to the patient’s needs. Since it improves your overall skin health, laser skin resurfacing can be beneficial for numerous cosmetic concerns.

We often use laser resurfacing to treat:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven skin texture 
  • Acne scars
Laser Skin Resurfacing Guilford

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Langdon is one of the most experienced cosmetic laser surgeons in the United States and has been performing laser resurfacing since 1994. During a detailed consultation, he will evaluate your skin and discuss your goals to create a customized treatment plan, determining the best device, intensity, and number of treatments.

On the day of your laser treatment, we’ll apply a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. Dr. Langdon will then use the chosen laser device to deliver controlled energy to the dermis, heating the tissues to trigger a healing response. This causes the fibers to contract, tightening the skin. Laser treatments also resurface the skin, ablating the outer layer of old, sun-damaged cells to reveal a healthy new layer.

The length of the procedure depends on whether the entire face is treated (full-face resurfacing) or just selected regions, such as around the eyes or the mouth. Dr. Langdon typically uses the Sciton Erbium laser for smaller, specific areas. The average treatment time for laser skin resurfacing is 90-120 minutes.

The recovery time and side effects of laser skin resurfacing depend on which laser is used, the intensity, and how large the treatment area is. Generally, you can expect one to two weeks of recovery, depending on your personalized treatment. Redness, swelling, bruising, and peeling are normal during this time. More intense treatments may cause the skin to scab over for a few days.

Dr. Langdon will give you detailed aftercare instructions, and following these will minimize your recovery time and maximize your results. You’ll need to clean the treated area multiple times a day, typically with a saline or vinegar solution, and apply ointment. He may recommend using ice packs to reduce swelling.

Though you can resume work and most activities whenever you feel comfortable doing so, you may need to refrain from strenuous exercise for a week or two. It’s crucial to protect your skin after laser skin resurfacing by limiting sun exposure and using high-quality skincare products with SPF 30 or higher.

You’ll begin seeing the benefits of your laser treatment as your skin heals over the next few results. Most people see significant improvements after just one treatment. Depending on your skin concerns and goals, you may need a series of treatments for optimal results.

No matter what skin concern you receive laser resurfacing for, you can expect smoother, firmer skin. Patients typically enjoy fewer wrinkles, improved skin tone, more even texture, and a brighter complexion with reduced dark spots. The results of laser skin resurfacing can last months or even years. You can have maintenance treatments as needed to preserve your results, or you may benefit from gentler options like microneedling in between laser procedures.

Laser skin resurfacing is often beneficial for people with moderate to severe sun damage, including wrinkles and dark spots. The Erbium:YAG laser can treat most skin types and tones. You can have laser treatments for your face, neck, or specific areas of concern. Some people seek out laser resurfacing as an alternative to a surgical facelift, or it can be added to a facelift to treat fine lines and wrinkles. 

*Individual results may vary.

Laser skin resurfacing results.

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