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Non-Surgical Laser Treatments LaserClear Acne Treatment

Acne can make a person feel self-conscious about their appearance. It can prevent them from participating in social activities and seriously affect their overall quality of life. While many patients outgrow acne, some continue to deal with it well into their twenties and beyond. Here at the Langdon Center for Laser & Cosmetic Surgery, we are pleased to offer a revolutionary, drug-free, and highly effective acne treatment called LaserClear.

What is the LaserClear Acne Treatment?

LaserClear is the Langdon Center’s innovative acne treatment that combines laser and light therapy to reduce acne and inflammation. The Langdon Center is one of only a few comprehensive laser centers with both lasers needed for LaserClear treatment. Dr. Langdon and his team have used both lasers for many years to treat various skin problems, such as facial age spots and hemangiomas.

Acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands in the skin. The sebaceous glands release sebum (oil), leaving the sebum trapped beneath the skin, which can clog the pores. The resulting black and comedones, commonly called whiteheads, may cause the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) to flourish, which can cause inflammation, pustules, and nodules in the skin.

The LaserClear treatment employs laser or IPL (intense pulsed light) energy to shrink the sebaceous glands beneath the skin or to reduce bacterial counts. IPL is also beneficial for fading acne scars since the light energy breaks down excess pigmentation in the skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LaserClear uses two separate lasers to deliver gentle energy to the skin without the need for anesthesia. Each treatment can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes with very minor discomfort. 

Moderate to severe acne is usually treated with oral antibiotics. While oral antibiotics may be effective, they must be taken for years in most cases. They suppress the inflammation in the skin that causes visible acne rather than treating the actual cause of the condition. Because oral antibiotics do not cure acne, patients must continue taking them until they “grow out” of the acne.

In the past, patients who wanted to cure their acne had to take a powerful drug known as Accutane. Because Accutane may cause birth defects and other serious side effects, the FDA tightly regulates it. Unfortunately, Accutane does not always resolve acne, and the treatment may need to be repeated a few times.

Unlike oral antibiotics and Accutane, LaserClear does not need to be taken for a prolonged period or cause significant side effects. It’s completely safe and can deliver impressive, long-lasting results after several treatments.

Our convenient LaserClear acne treatment has only mild side effects, which is one of its primary advantages over medications like Accutane. Dr. Langdon will create a customized treatment plan using one or more laser devices for your acne treatment, and he will tell you what to expect during and after. You may experience slight skin discoloration and minor swelling from the laser treatment. 

Downtime is minimal after IPL and laser treatments, and most patients can resume normal activities immediately. However, you must avoid direct sunlight for 36 hours, as your skin will be more susceptible to sun damage. You may experience swelling, redness, and flaking skin for a few days after a LaserClear session.

Each patient’s skin is unique, so the exact treatment timeline and results vary. Dr. Langdon typically recommends a series of several treatments spaced two to four weeks apart. Afterward, up to 80% of patients enjoy the long-term improvement of their acne.

LaserClear is customizable to each patient’s needs and skin condition. Depending on your tailored treatment plan, you may be treated with IPL, laser therapy, or both. These treatments can clear existing acne and may help fade acne scars. You’ll likely notice improvements gradually after multiple LaserClear sessions.

People of all ages suffering from moderate to severe acne may benefit from LaserClear. Patients who have tried countless topical and oral medications in the past with minimal to no success may find LaserClear to be the effective, convenient acne solution they’ve been searching for. 

LaserClear can help you get rid of active acne and prevent scarring. During a detailed consultation, Dr. Langdon will assess your skin and help you determine the best treatment plan.

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