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Smooth, firm skin is a hallmark of a youthful appearance. But as the years pass and your skin loses its elasticity, sagging and wrinkles become the telltale signs of aging. Skin laxity can create a slack, droopy appearance, and it can contribute to specific signs of aging, like folds around the mouth and sagging jowls.

What is Skin Laxity (Sagging Skin)?

Skin laxity is a common aging concern that includes loose, sagging, or slack skin. Where your skin was once tight and smooth, it may now droop or have a flabby, lax appearance because of lost elasticity. It doesn’t “bounce back” the way it once did, which leads to wrinkles and folds over time. 

Skin laxity can occur anywhere but is often the most significant around the face and neck. For many people, drooping replaces their youthful facial contours. Because fat can sag along with skin, you may have too much fullness in some areas and not enough in others, creating hollows under your eyes or cheekbones. Skin laxity is often associated with jowls, a sagging neck, and the appearance of a double chin.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Skin laxity is partly the result of the natural aging process. As we age, our body produces less collagen and elastin, which are essential fibers that give our skin structure and support. Sun damage can also break these fibers down further, worsening the effect of aging. As your skin loses its collagen content, it becomes thinner and looser.

While the underlying cause of skin laxity is aging, there are several other factors that can contribute. Smoking, sun damage, genetics, and lifestyle can all affect the health of your skin and make it age faster. Loose, excess skin on the body can also result from pregnancy or weight loss.

Although skin laxity may be inevitable as you age, you have many options to combat it. Dr. Langdon and the experts at the Langdon Center offer many skin-tightening treatments to lift sagging skin or increase collagen production.


For the most dramatic and long-lasting results, surgical skin tightening procedures are undeniably effective. Dr. Langdon is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with over three decades of experience in many cosmetic procedures that can rejuvenate your appearance. He specializes in low-impact techniques using only local anesthetic to minimize risks and recovery time. 

For facial skin laxity, he may recommend a facelift or neck lift. These procedures can be customized to each patient’s specific concerns, such as adding a brow lift if there’s sagging in the upper face.

Although a facelift and similar procedures are typically the most effective, not everyone is ready for extensive surgery. Dr. Langdon also offers non-surgical, minimally-invasive facelifting and skin-tightening procedures. These innovative treatments are less invasive than traditional alternatives but still offer exceptional results.


If you want to improve your skin tone and texture and get back to your regular routine on the same day, we also offer various non-surgical skin tightening treatments. Our non-surgical options include many popular facial rejuvenation and laser treatments. Dr. Langdon may recommend procedures like the Lumenis triLift, SkinTyte®, or fractional CO2 laser resurfacing.

These treatments are typically best for mild to moderate skin laxity. Non-surgical procedures have less dramatic results and often require regular maintenance treatments for long-term benefits, but they require little to no downtime and are ideal for patients with busy schedules. Younger patients often use these non-surgical options to postpone the need for a facelift.

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