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For our entire lives, gravity pulls mercilessly on our bodies. As collagen production declines with age, weakening the skin’s natural support system, this constant pull takes its toll. That’s why sagging skin is a hallmark of aging. At the Langdon Center for Laser & Cosmetic Surgery, we help you undo the effects of aging with the non-surgical Lumenis triLift™. 

What is Lumenis triLift™?

Lumenis triLift™ is a non-invasive treatment that combines three technologies to rejuvenate the face and neck. It offers an alternative to invasive procedures for those who want improved facial structure and smoothness, providing lifting and firmness with no incisions or recovery time. Lumenis triLift™ improves all three main causes of facial aging: gravitational sagging, sun damage of the skin, and volume loss.

The three types of technology used in Lumenis triLift™ are Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt), TriPollar radiofrequency energy, and triFx RF microneedling. The first technology, DMSt, strengthens and defines your facial muscles for a more contoured appearance. TriPollar and TriFx then use radiofrequency energy and microneedling to promote collagen production and boost your skin’s health. 

Some of the benefits of triLift™ treatments include:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lumenis triLift™ device has multiple applicators and handpieces, which Dr. Langdon will use to deliver DMSt and radiofrequency to your skin and muscles. The treatment takes less than an hour and involves minimal discomfort, thanks to real-time temperature reading that maintains a comfortable temperature on your skin throughout the process.

Your triLift™ treatment will begin with Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt), which triggers your facial muscles to contract repeatedly. This effectively provides a workout for your facial muscles, and like any other muscles, they become more sculpted and defined. The facial muscles will also shorten and, through their attachments to the skin, will shape and hold your skin in a more lifted position. Increased size and definition of the facial muscles also improve volume in the mid-face area and upper cheeks. 

TriPollar RF, the second technology, uses customizable tips that send radiofrequency (RF) energy pulses into the skin. This energy triggers skin cells called fibroblasts to increase their collagen production. New collagen firms and strengthens the skin, restoring natural volume and support. 

Third, triFX uses microneedling to deliver RF energy deeply into the skin for even more intensive collagen development. This new collagen makes the dermal layer thicker, restoring youthful-looking contours and young, healthy skin appearance. 

Lumenis triLift™ can provide results similar to a facelift without downtime and significant side effects. Your skin might look mildly red and swollen for a few hours or days, depending on the intensity of your treatment. Patients can return to work and other activities immediately after Lumenis triLift™. You may notice tiny scabs that develop and disappear in the first few days. 

Although you can resume your normal routine immediately after the treatment, you should avoid strenuous exercise for a couple of days. Dr. Langdon will give you aftercare instructions to help your skin heal. Wearing sunscreen and avoiding sun exposure will protect your developing collagen from UV damage.

You will notice results immediately after your first treatment, which will continue to improve. We recommend one treatment per week for four to six weeks to see optimal results. Muscle development improves after each session, lifting and firming your features. New collagen development appears after a few weeks and can last up to a year. 

Lumenis triLift™ treats three tissue layers to achieve a more youthful appearance. TriPollar RF and triFX treat the epidermis, the outermost layers of skin, and a deeper layer called the dermis. DMSt acts on the muscle layer beneath the skin, giving your features a more toned, contoured look. Studies found that skin looks up to 80% smoother with 30% fewer wrinkles and three times more hyaluronic acid, a natural plumping molecule. 

Lumenis triLift™ works safely on almost all skin types and tones. It combines safe, highly effective technologies to achieve the closest equivalent of a non-surgical facelift. Good candidates want to address skin laxity and other signs of aging. You may not be a good candidate if you have certain medical conditions or a tendency to form keloid scars.

During a detailed consultation, Dr. Langdon will help you determine the best treatment option. For patients who have severe aging concerns or want more dramatic results, he may recommend a facelift, CO2 laser resurfacing, or other more intensive treatment. 

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