If you have thinning hair or a receding hairline, you may be interested in learning more about how hair transplant works.

We don’t blame you; after all, there are plenty of treatment options out there. And not all of them are ideal for people who are looking for natural-looking results (hair plugs, we’re looking at you).

That’s why we’re proud to offer our patients Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant, which can help you achieve natural results without obvious signs of treatment.

Let’s take a closer look at how hair transplant works with the FUE method.

Guilford Hair Transplant

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How FUE Hair Transplant Works

The FUE Hair Transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that uses your own hair follicles to restore hair density in areas where hair thinning or loss is already occurring. Hair follicles are typically harvested from the back of the scalp, where hair thinning does not occur.

The FUE Hair transplants are prepared using a specialized machine that board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Langdon uses to collect hair follicles from the donor area. These hair follicular unit grafts are cleansed, trimmed, and then placed into optimal areas within the patient’s scalp, where hair loss is most obvious. 

The FUE method is designed to create a natural hair line, meaning there are no obvious signs of hair transplantation.

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FUE Hair Transplant Recovery and Results

Because there’s no surgery or stitches, you won’t have to deal with unsightly, visible scarring. Healing from the FUE method progresses rapidly over the course of 72 hours, meaning you can get back to your normal routine quickly.

Results are typically visible about three to five months after your FUE treatment session. These results are entirely natural; you can swim, shower, and even tug at the new hair growth.

The reduction in my breast area is amazing. It was a quick procedure that resulted with lighter breast and no scars. I am now portioned to my size. It’s great to wear the same size on top as bottom.

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