How Much is a Hair Transplant?

August 14, 2021

Thinning hair, although more common in men, can happen to anyone for a multitude of reasons, including genetics, stress, medications, or medical conditions. People suffering from hair loss often feel self-conscious about thinning or a receding hairline, but many do not seek treatment because of the potential expense. If this feels familiar, you have options with Dr. Robert Langdon, founder and director of The Langdon Center for Laser & Cosmetic Surgery. We can work with you to determine the best, most affordable treatment for you to stop your hair loss in its tracks.

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How Does a Hair Transplant Work?

Dr. Langdon’s expertise and skill with the FUE hair transplant procedure ensures that you will have a hairline and pattern of new hair growth that resembles your natural hair growth without  the hair loss. The FUE hair transplant procedure begins with the harvest of tiny clusters of donor follicles, typically from the back of your head, where hair loss rarely occurs. The tiny follicular unit grafts are then cleansed and prepped for transplantation into the recipient area, where new hair growth is most needed. 

The advanced technology used to transplant the grafts and the updated techniques for harvesting the follicles keep your new growth pattern looking and growing as naturally as your native hair.

How Much is a Hair Transplant?

Some details of the FUE hair transplant procedure do vary by patient, such as how much hair is harvested and transplanted, the optimal selection of donor and recipient sites, and how much time you’ll need to take off work for recovery. These can play a role in how much your individual procedure will cost.

According to Healthline, the average cost of a hair transplant procedure is between $4,000-$15,000 per session. At The Langdon Center, we will work with you with flexible financing options because we believe every procedure is an investment in yourself. We want our patients to have every opportunity to achieve their goals within their budget.

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If you have further questions about FUE Hair Transplant, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT. Call us at 203-453-8625 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

Am I a Good Candidate for FUE Hair Transplant?

The ideal candidates for a hair transplant procedure at The Langdon Center are patients showing signs of baldness who also have a healthy amount of normal follicles in the donor areas to complete the transplant. Dr. Langdon will be happy to answer any questions you may have during your comprehensive consultation.

What Recovery and Results Can I Expect?

FUE hair transplant has a surprisingly short recovery period. Patients need only 72 hours before they may return to most of their regular activities. This is, in part, because there are no incisions or sutures involved, and the graft incisions are so tiny. There is also little chance of visible scarring. 

Your results appear so natural because it is your own hair growing in. You may need to wait between 3-5 months before your increased hair growth becomes visibly apparent, but once it does, it is there for life. You may treat it like you do the rest of your hair, shampooing and even scheduling haircuts as you usually would. Once the transplanted follicles begin growing new hair in the recipient location, the hair behaves as normally as the rest of your hair.

Hair loss does not have to be something you grow to accept. You can grow new, thick hair where it was once thin with Dr. Langdon and the FUE hair transplant. The techniques Dr. Langdon uses are designed for minimal disruption to your life with maximum results for the long term. If you want to restore your hair along with your confidence, The Langdon Center is here to help.

Love the Langdon Center, Maria is extremely professional and caring. Always a great experience.

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If you have further questions about FUE hair transplant, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT. Call us at 203-453-8625 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

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Dr. Robert Langdon

Dr. Robert Langdon, MD is a triple-board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, and Facial Cosmetic Surgery. He specializes in advanced laser and low-impact procedures under local anesthesia, emphasizing quick recovery and low risks. With over 30 years of experience, he prioritizes personalized care and has authored significant publications, including a book on cosmetic laser surgery.

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