Women have various reasons to seek breast-enhancement surgeries—from underdeveloped bosom to reshaping sagging breasts following pregnancy. Others are quite happy with their breast size but just want them to be fuller. Dr. Robert Langdon will meticulously assess your desires, goals and expectations in designing a customized Connecticut natural breast augmentation to give you highly satisfying results.

You may be anxious in the days or weeks before the surgery. Here are several essential points to remember before a natural breast augmentation procedure with Dr. Langdon. After all, careful preparation will certainly go a long way.

1. You should have a mammogram before any breast surgery to serve as a “baseline” study. Because surgery can result in minor changes on mammograms (due to calcification) a baseline mammogram makes it easier for the radiologist to appreciate these changes. Modern digital radiology equipment facilitates interpretation of mammograms. There is no evidence that breast surgery increases the risk of breast cancer.

2. If you’re a smoker, you may be asked to quit prior to the procedure. Smoking decreases the oxygen levels in your blood and can inhibit the recovery process.

3. Avoid taking aspirin for two weeks before your scheduled surgery. Blood thinners such as aspirin may increase the chance of bleeding during breast augmentation. You can replace aspirin with acetaminophen (Tylenol), which has no effect on blood coagulation.

4. Arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure. You can place a comfortable pillow in your vehicle to promote comfort during the drive home. If you’re living alone, you can ask someone to stay with you the first evening following surgery.

5 . Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages 2-3 days before the procedure.

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