Q: I recently saw a plastic surgery procedure on television where liposuction was used with a facelift. Dr. Langdon, is that something you recommend?

A: In order for a facelift to look its best, I also consider the neck, chin and jowl, because the contour of those areas very much affects the appearance of the face. The majority of people have excess fat beneath the chin; creating a nicer chin line with liposuction can make the entire face appear more beautiful, and removing that fat will improve the contour of the neck. The jowl is actually a fat pad in the lower cheek, and it helps to reduce that one as well. The vast majority of facelifts look a lot better if liposuction is also done. If you are going to do a procedure to enhance the look of your face, attention to the features that frame your face will give you a nicer and more complete look. For many patients, this can be accomplished with some liposuction. At The Langdon Center, I perform laser liposuction or laser lipolysis. This gentler form of liposuction, both removes fat and tightens skin, using much smaller incisions than traditional liposuction.