Do you like how BOTOX® improves your frown lines but don’t like how it wears off after 3 to 4 months and must be repeated over and over again? Do you wish the BOTOX® effect could be more long-lasting?


If your answer is yes, then Dr. Langdon has the solution for you. His exclusive NoFrown technique is the revolutionary long-lasting solution for stubborn frown lines.


Based on a technique developed by surgeons in South America in 2007, Dr. Langdon has improved on the original technique in his new NoFrown procedure.


NoFrown is a minor minimally invasive surgery in which a thin polyester thread is passed through the skin and is looped around the motor nerve that stimulates the corrugator muscle. The thread is then used to disrupt the nerve, resulting in a long-lasting relaxation of the muscle. No stitches are needed and there is generally no detectable scarring.


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