In a study conducted at the University of Western Ontario, psychologists tested people’s perceptions of eye size. They used computers to manipulate pictures of 18 women’s and 9 men’s eyes so that they were made to look small, medium and large.

Then the researchers asked test subjects to characterize the personalities of the people in each photo. Interestingly enough, the scores for honesty, likability, nurturing, empathy, and intelligence all increased in direct proportion to eye size of both men and women. As eye size increased the scores increased and vice versa.Eyes_langdon_ba1

Other experiments in which eye spacing and lip fullness were altered had no effect on the ratings.

It seems that people associate large eyes with open, youthful innocence, the psychologists reported. Not only do large eyes convey these positive characteristics, but they’re also considered more attractive – thus leading people to make other positive assumptions about everything from kindness to popularity.

At Last You Can Eliminate Bags, Bulges and Drooping Eyelids!

Now, here’s a way to get more beautiful, wide-open and younger-looking eyes. It’s a procedure that seems to have remarkable results for patients; it’s called blepharoplasty (or eyelid surgery).

Why do Eyes Look Tired, Dull and Old?

As we age, the elastic tissue around the eyes (both upper and lower eyelids) begins to lose its springy, rubberband-like quality. This allows pockets of fat to form, giving the appearance of puffy eyes.

Moreover, the skin around the eyes stretches out and muscles weaken, causing fat to accumulate and giving eyes their droopy and saggy appearance. You’ll begin to notice this in different ways around your upper and lower eyelids.

On the upper eyelids the skin can hang down over the eyes creating a droopy and saggy appearance. For some people this excess skin may even interfere with vision.

Also very common as we age are puffy eyes or sagging bags around the lower eyelids. These bags are due to excess fat that has bulged forward. These bags can produce the effect of looking tired and sad, even when you feel wide-awake and fine.

However, now with the cosmetic surgery procedure known as laser blepharoplasty (or eyelid surgery), we can safely remove excess skin and puffy bags on both the upper and lower eyelids, leaving you looking years younger.

Here’s how it works

Blepharoplasty removes excess fat and skin from the eyelids. For upper eyelids a crescent moon-shaped fold of skin is removed and pockets of fat are cut out. This incision is made along the lid crease so it hides the minor scar. To remove the puffy bags common in lower lids, you don’t even have to have an incision in the skin. Surgery is done inside the eyelid leaving no scar whatsoever!

Breakthrough Laser Technology

Using a CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) laser as a scalpel we can perform the eyelid surgery in a precise and bloodless way. The laser delivers high-energy, precisely focused light to cut away delicate eyelid tissue. As the laser cuts, it also seals off blood vessels, almost eliminating any bruising or black eyes.

No other tool has made eyelid surgery so precise and accurate. Moreover, the laser seals off nerve endings around the incision site, thus largely eliminating pain and discomfort following surgery.

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