In the past, breast implants were considered the gold standard for breast augmentation. While they are still popular today, there are some concerns with their safety. For this reason, many women are opting for natural breast augmentation as an alternative to breast implants.

Natural breast augmentation is a safer, less invasive procedure that can provide you with beautiful, natural looking breasts that can increase your self-esteem. Keep reading to learn more about natural breast augmentation.

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How Natural Breast Augmentation Works

During a natural breast augmentation procedure, we use the state-of-the-art body-jet liposuction system to remove unwanted fat from the thighs, abdomen, and other areas of your body. Then, we purify the fat tissue with a special lipo-collector system and inject the fat cells into your breasts.

You can enjoy natural results that aren’t always possible with breast implants that often lead to an overly rounded appearance with sharp edges. In addition to increasing breast volume, natural breast augmentation tapers the areas surrounding the breasts.

Benefits of Natural Breast Augmentation

There are a number of benefits of undergoing natural breast augmentation as opposed to receiving artificial breast implants. With natural breast augmentation, you can eliminate the debilitating joint pain and fatigue that thousands of women with breast implants have reported.

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You can also prevent ruptures that are sometimes seen with saline and silicone implants and capsular contracture, a painful condition that occurs when scar tissue forms around the implant and squeezes it. In addition, you can ensure natural, beautiful results and don’t have to worry about looking fake or overdone.

Good Candidates for Natural Breast Augmentation

The ideal candidates for natural breast augmentation are in general good health and searching for a way to naturally increase the volume of their breasts without implants. In addition, you may be a good candidate if you have breast implants and would like to improve their appearance by adding cleaving.

If you’re longing for an aggressive increase in breast volume or lack adequate fat, you may want to consider an alternative treatment as natural breast augmentation is probably not a good option.

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