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 Cellulaze Cellulite Reduction Treatment at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT

Tired of battling stubborn cellulite? Good news – The Langdon Center is proud to now offer Cellulaze™ laser cellulite reduction treatment in New Haven County, Connecticut.

To safely and effectively reduce or get rid of the appearance of cellulite, we must first understand what causes this problem. Cellulite can develop as a result of weight change or aging as well as hormones and genetics. As those who suffer from cellulite know, it isn’t always manageable through diet and exercise. Cellulite occurs when connective tissue bands beneath the skin stiffen while the surrounding fat cells become larger. This combination creates the dreaded dimples or “cottage cheese” texture and appearance of cellulite.

Cellulaze™ laser treatment for cellulite is the only procedure that targets cellulite at its source: beneath the skin, rather than superficially on the skin’s surface. This minimally invasive, laser-assisted procedure is performed through extremely tiny skin incisions (no stitches are needed). Laser energy is used to liquefy and gets rid of dimples of fat while promoting collagen production for smoother, cellulite-free skin.

This quick and easy solution to fight cellulite can dramatically reduce or get rid of dimples in as little as one minimally invasive treatment!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cellulaze Laser Cellulite Reduction at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT

Does Cellulaze laser cellulite reduction hurt?
Local anesthesia or a numbing solution will be introduced to the area being treated for patient comfort. This extremely safe procedure uses local anesthesia, meaning there is none of the risks associated with procedures performed under general anesthesia.

How many treatments will I need to improve the appearance of cellulite in Guilford, CT?

Significant results can be seen after just one treatment. The appearance of cellulite will continue to improve over the following months. A healthy diet and exercise can help maintain your results.

How long does a Cellulazecellulite treatment take?

Cellulaze™ cellulite removal treatments in Guilford, CT usually take 1–2 hours.

Is there any downtime after Cellulazeanti-cellulite treatment in Guildford, CT?

Patients may return to their normal daily activities 1–2 days following their treatment. Any strenuous activities should be avoided for 1–2 weeks.

Are there any side effects associated with Cellulazelaser cellulite reduction?

Slight redness, bruising or irritation may occur at the incision sites but is easily manageable. Any concerns will be addressed during your consultation.

How much does Cellulazeanti-cellulite treatment cost at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT?

To learn about pricing and if you are a good candidate for Cellulaze™ laser cellulite reduction at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT, schedule you consultation by calling 844-551-9880 or click here to contact us.