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Natural Breast Augmentation provides safe and lifelong volume augmentation of the breasts using only autologous (from the same person) fat. A special liposuction method is used to remove unwanted fat from problem areas. The harvested fat is then purified and used as a fat graft to augment the breasts.

Benefits of Natural Breast Augmentation include:

  • Only safe local anesthesia is used
  • No artificial materials are placed in the body
  • Results are lifelong

If you’re considering Natural Breast Augmentation and are interested in learning more, please schedule a consultation at The Langdon Center by calling us at 844-551-9880 or click here to contact us.

Common Questions & Answers About Natural Breast Augmentation

unnamed (1)What is Natural Breast Augmentation?

Natural Breast Augmentation is an exciting new procedure that avoids artificial breast implants. We use the Body-Jet liposuction system to remove unwanted fat from areas such as thighs and abdomen. A special Lipo-Collector system is used to purify the fat tissue; the fat cells are then injected into the breasts to provide a everlasting volume augmentation.

What are the advantages of Natural Breast Augmentation over artificial breast implants?

Artificial breast implants are very effective at increasing breast volume but unfortunately can produce unnatural looking results, especially if done too aggressively. Breast implants can result in an overly rounded appearance with sharp edges between the implant and the surrounding chest wall. Many women prefer a more natural result without the obvious appearance of breast implants. With Natural Breast Augmentation fat grafting is used not only to increase breast volume but also to taper the areas surrounding the breasts. Natural Breast Augmentation can even be used to improve the appearance of existing breast implants, for example to add cleavage.

Who are the best candidates for Natural Breast Augmentation?

Certainly women who prefer a more natural look, especially if they have areas of unwanted fat and are candidates for liposuction to reduce these areas. Women who want a more aggressive increase in breast volume or who may be so thin that they lack adequate donor fat would be better candidates for breast implants.

What role does Body-Jet liposuction play in Natural Breast Augmentation?

In any fat grafting procedure it is critical that the harvested fat be of the highest quality. The Body-Jet delivers controlled bursts of salt water (actually local anesthetic solution) directly to fat tissue during liposuction. This water jet gently “washes out” fatty tissue as separated clumps of fat cells (including the beneficial stem cells that reside within the fat tissue–see below). The aspirated fat clumps are suctioned into the Lipo-Collector, a sterile container in which the fat cells are gently washed and concentrated in preparation for fat grafting. The purified fat tissue is then transferred to syringes, which Dr.Langdon uses to place the tissue in the recipient breasts.

What role do the stem cells in fat tissue play in Natural Breast Augmentation?

Surprisingly, fat (adipose) tissue is the body’s richest source of adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are present in everyone and are different from embryonic stem cells (the cells that theoretically could be used to “clone” a person). The adipose derived stem cells are present within the fat cells and have the ability to develop into different cell types including blood vessel cells. When fat tissue is transplanted, as in Natural Breast Augmentation, these stem cells play an important role in supporting the grafted fat cells, because the fat cells need a good blood supply in their new location. The gentle extraction process of the Body-Jet system assures that both healthy fat cells and adipose derived stem cells are successfully transferred to the recipient site during Natural Breast Augmentation.

How much does Natural Breast Augmentation cost?

Each patient’s situation is unique and will require a consultation. Please contact The Langdon Center to schedule a consultation by calling 844-551-9880 or click here to contact us.

How do I get started?

Call The Langdon Center at 844-551-9880 to schedule your consultation to learn more aboutNatural Breast Augmentation, or for more information. Or click here to contact us.

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