No-Scar Breast Reduction Connecticut

In women with larger breasts, much of the excess volume is the result of fatty tissue. Just as Dr. Langdon can increase breast size with Natural Breast Augmentation, in which he adds fat to the breasts, he can reduce breast size by removing fat. The reason there is minimal to undetectable scarring in Scarless Breast Reduction is that Dr. Langdon removes the excess fat by using a special liposuction technique with tiny skin incisions and micro-cannulas.

Benefits of No-scar Breast Reduction include the following:

      1) Only safe local anesthesia is used.
      2) The procedure is nearly painless.
      3) Tiny skin incisions (no stitches are needed) and liposuction instruments are used.
      4) The recovery is very rapid: 2 to 3 days is typical.
      5) Scars are minimal to nonexistent.
Click the Image Above to See More No-Scar Before & After Breast Reductions
Click the Image Above to See More No-Scar Before & After Breast Reductions

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What is No-scar Breast Reduction?

Because larger breasts are mostly composed of fat tissue, a modified liposuction technique can result in significant size reduction. Tumescent anesthetic solution is used to thoroughly (and painlessly) numb the breasts. Then, Dr. Langdon performs liposuction using tiny micro-cannulas throughout the breast. The micro-cannulas are blunt, tube-like instruments that Dr. Langdon gently moves back and forth within the numbed area. The instrument does not harm breast tissue and removes only fat cells. Recovery is rapid after the procedure.

Is there a lift of the breasts after Scarless Breast Reduction Surgery?

Because the breasts are significantly smaller after No-scar Breast Reduction, there is a lifting effect because of the reduced weight. There is also an overall contraction of the breast and of the surface skin. The degree of lifting is typically less than that seen after surgical breast lift (mastopexy), but with No-scar Breast Reduction patients avoid the significant scarring and prolonged recovery that are typical of surgical breast reduction and mastopexy.

Who are the best candidates for this Breast Reduction Procedure?

Women who wish to avoid the scarring that results from traditional surgical breast reduction are delighted to learn about No-scar Breast Reduction. The volume reduction from No-scar Breast Reduction can be substantial, especially in larger breasts. Because of unweighting of the breasts and contraction of overlying skin, there is a substantial lift after No-scar Breast Reduction. Women who desire a more dramatic lift and will tolerate increased scarring (and a much longer recovery period) may prefer the traditional surgical lift.

How much does No-scar Breast Reduction cost?

Each patient’s situation is unique and will require a consultation. Please contact The Langdon Center to schedule a consultation by calling 844-551-9880 or click here to contact us.







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Patient Testimonial:

“Dr. Langdon is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy in the field of cosmetic surgery. His attention to detail and really learning about his patient’s case allows him to achieve the most optimal results. I struggled with back pain for years and was pleased to learn about the smart lipo breast reduction. I have regained a sense of calm I had been without for years. I look and feel great, family and friends comment frequently on how healthy and happy I look. From the first email to follow up appointments, the staff at the Langdon Center was compassionate and professional. My experience has led me to refer Dr. Langdon to family and friends that are on the cusp of deciding to have a cosmetic procedure done, Dr. Langdon personalizes the procedure for the patient. I was even asked to provide the Langdon Center information to my OB/GYN as a way to provide other patients a non-invasive option for breast reduction/relieving back pain. Thank you so very much to everyone at the Langdon Center!” Angel Spence


How do I get started?

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