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Natural Breast Augmentation

This procedure offers a new option for patients who want to increase their breast volume without artificial implants. Dr. Langdon removes fat from problem areas elsewhere on the body and, after preparing it, uses it as a graft to enhance the breasts. Since fat is a rich source of adult stem cells, these cells will help the fat develop a healthy blood supply. This type of breast augmentation makes an excellent choice for those seeking results that look and feel completely natural. 


The ExpresS-Lift offers the benefits of a traditional facelift with smaller incisions and less recovery time. Using small incisions, Dr. Langdon lifts the layers of tissue under the skin to restore the contour of the neck and lower cheek areas. With the ExpresS-Lift, patients see much less swelling and bruising, and they can often go back to work sooner. The results of an ExpresS-Lift can last ten years or more. 


Liposuction can help you eliminate difficult areas of fat for a more sculpted figure. Dr. Langdon uses tumescent liposuction for your safety and improved results. This liposuction method uses large amounts of diluted local anesthetic to expand the fat layer. A mini-cannula is then used to gently suction out the fat. Patients have less bruising and spend less time recovering than with traditional liposuction.