Kybella® Injections at The Langdon Center

For Double-Chin Reduction

What is Kybella®?

Kybella® is an FDA-approved injection that uses deoxycholic acid to reduce the amount of submental fat underneath the chin. Deoxycholic acid is a natural detergent-like chemical that will dissolve fat cells. Over a period of four to six weeks, fat cells are broken down and naturally removed.

At The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT, Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Robert Langdon administers Kybella® injections for patients who wish to improve the appearance of excessive fat underneath their chin and jawline. Injections take just minutes to complete and a topical numbing cream can be used to minimize any discomfort associated with the procedure. If you’re frustrated by the appearance of a double chin and want to learn how Kybella® can help, please schedule a consultation by calling (203) 745-0340.

Kybella® Consultations Available


What Areas Does Kybella® Treat?


  • Fat under the chin
  • Neck fat
  • The appearance of the jawline

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kybella® is approved by the FDA for the treatment of under-chin, or submental, fat.  Submental fat can be resistant to reduction through diet and exercise alone; thus, Kybella® is an excellent choice for patients who are already adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Kybella’s main ingredient, deoxycholic acid, eats away at fat cells to effectively dissolve them, these results are lifelong. The body’s metabolic processes remove remnants of the fat cells, resulting in a noticeable decrease in submental fat.

Although clinical trials of Kybella® to treat other body areas are currently underway, Kybella® injections are not yet approved to treat fat in other areas of the body.

You are a good candidate if you already follow a healthy lifestyle and are committed to maintaining your results. Though Kybella® results are everlasting, they cannot prevent the enlargement of remaining fat cells (as would occur if a patient were to gain weight).

Kybella® injections are administered underneath the chin via a fine needle tip. Kybella® injections take just a few minutes to administer; consequently it is a great choice for patients with busy schedules.

There is minimal discomfort involved with the procedure, although a topical anesthetic cream can be used to numb the area before the injection. You can return to your normal activities immediately after your Kybella® treatment.

The number of Kybella® injections needed to see results will vary from patient to patient; however, many will notice a difference after two sessions. It is recommended that these sessions be spaced eight weeks apart.

There is no downtime; nonetheless, some patients may experience a mild burning sensation for the first few days after the procedure. Results are lifelong, provided that patients continue to follow a healthy lifestyle.

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