PicoSure FOCUS Laser Facial Connecticut

Facial skin revitalization was revolutionized in 2005 with the introduction of the Fraxel laser, the first laser that enabled fractional resurfacing. In a Fraxel laser treatment, microscopic spots of laser energy coagulate the skin; with healing the old skin is replaced with new skin. The treatment is gentle because only about 20% of the skin’s surface area is affected with each treatment.

The newest advancement in the field of fractional laser skin revitalization is Picosecond Laser Facial Revitalization (PLFR), in which the revolutionary PicoSure laser (the world’s first picosecond laser) is used. A picosecond is a trillionth of a second and refers to the time span of the laser pulse. Laser energy delivered in an ultra-short (picosecond range) energy pulse produces an unprecedented effect on the skin, which results in removal of excessive skin pigmentation as well as stimulation of new collagen production. The most remarkable advantage of PLFR is the non-thermal effect (no significant heat) on the skin, which results in a truly no-downtime, ultra-gentle treatment. Unlike the Fraxel and other fractional laser treatments, there is no need for anesthesia prior to PLFR treatment. After PLFR treatment there is mild redness for less than one hour and no significant swelling.

The revitalization effects of PLFR treatments are impressive. Age spots are lightened, wrinkles are smoothed and skin texture is improved. Even acne scars are improved after a series of PLFR treatments.

Commonly Asked Questions about Picosecond Laser Facial Revitalization

What facial skin problems can be treated with Picosecond Laser Facial Revitalization?

Age spots due to sun damage respond well to Picosecond Laser treatment. Even difficult-to-treat conditions such as melasma and post-acne pigmentation can improve rapidly with PLFR treatment. Problems with skin texture including wrinkles and acne scars are also effectively treated with PLFR. In fact, the PicoSure is the first laser approved by the FDA for treating facial acne scars.

Are Picosecond Laser Facial Revitalization treatments painful?

Picosecond Laser Facial Revitalization treatments are almost painless. Only a mild stinging sensation is felt during treatment. There is no need for anesthesia of any kind.

How many Picosecond Laser Facial Revitalization treatments are needed?

There is usually obvious improvement after only one or two treatments. Optimal improvement is generally seen after a series of three to five treatments.