What is SmartLyft with Renuvion?

Aging is inevitable, no matter how well you take care of your skin. If you’re looking for a way to look years younger, SmartLyft may be a great option. It’s a customized minimally invasive (non-surgical) lower face and neck lift that can take years off your appearance. SmartLyft usually includes liposuction of the neck and/or jowls followed by Renuvion RF treatment to tighten loose skin in these areas. The result is a much more youthful contour and appearance.

SmartLyft with Renuvion
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Candidates for SmartLyft

You may be a good candidate for SmartLyft if you’re in search of an alternative to a traditional surgical facelift. Dr. Langdon often recommends this treatment to patients who would like to resolve excess fullness and sagging in the neck and minor jowling. If you are bothered by moderate to severe skin laxity, Dr. Langdon will likely recommend a more invasive treatment such as a surgical facelift.

SmartLyft Consultations Available



The SmartLyft procedure is fairly simple, especially when compared to a traditional facelift. It is performed under local anesthesia and starts with liposuction of the neck and jowls. Once the liposuction portion is complete, Dr. Langdon will use Renuvion RF treatment to tighten the skin on the neck and lower cheeks. 

Schedule a SmartLyft Consultation

If you’re wondering whether you’re a good candidate for a SmartLyft, it is in your best interest to schedule a consultation at The Langdon Center. We encourage you to call us at 203-453-8625 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to meeting you!

Several Benefits of SmartLyft Include:

  • Fast recovery: You should be able to resume work and your daily activities within a week after treatment. 
  • Fast treatment: A typical SmartLyft treatment takes less than 3 hours to complete, making it an ideal treatment if you lead a busy lifestyle and want to minimize “downtime.” 
  • Longer, more natural results: Compared to fillers and other treatments, SmartLyft offers beautiful, subtle results that last for many years.


After a SmartLyft treatment, you can enjoy noticeable results in about a week. Your skin tightening will continue improving for months after the procedure. You can expect smoother facial contours, more definition in your jawline, and greater confidence.

Take the Next Step – Request A Consultation

To learn more about SmartLyft or to schedule your consultation with Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Langdon, please fill out the form on this page or call The Langdon Center at (203) 453-8625 . We look forward to working with you! The Langdon Center serves patients in the  Guilford & New Haven, CT  areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

A SmartLyft comes with far fewer side effects than a traditional facelift. You will have some swelling and bruising, but these should subside quickly.  

Absolutely! Dr. Langdon will evaluate your unique face and neck structure before the treatment and design a customized plan to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

SmartLyft is performed under local anesthesia, so the actual procedure is painless. After the anesthetic wears off there is mild pain that generally requires only over-the-counter pain relievers.