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Gravity is not kind to your skin as the years go by. The combination of gravity’s pull, sun damage, and weakening of the skin’s structure due to age leads inevitably to sagging and skin laxity. If you’re looking for a way to tighten your droopy skin without major surgery, ThermiTight® at the Langdon Center may be the answer.

What is ThermiTight®?

ThermiTight® is a minimally-invasive skin tightening treatment that uses radiofrequency energy. It works by delivering radiofrequency (RF) energy underneath the skin, heating the structural tissue and causing contraction and tightening, which improves skin laxity and sagging. The heat also stimulates collagen production for long-term benefits to your skin’s health and youthfulness. This procedure requires only local anesthesia and poses little to no downtime. 

In addition to the lower face and neck, we offer ThermiTight® for multiple areas of the body that can benefit from tightening or lifting.

ThermiTight® skin tightening may be beneficial for the following:

  • Breasts (often combined with breast reduction)
    Abdomen (as an alternative to a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty)
  • Upper arms or “batwings”
  • Thighs

Whether for your face or body, ThermiTight® offers many patients an effective alternative to invasive surgeries to reduce signs of aging. It is one of our multiple minimally invasive skin tightening procedures that can help you combat the effects of gravity and time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Langdon performs ThermiTight® with local anesthesia, and the treatment typically takes less than an hour. After the skin is numb, he will make a tiny incision to insert the ThermiTight® electrode below the surface. The electrode is the size of a needle, so no stitches are needed, and the incision will not leave a scar. 

This electrode delivers precise amounts of radiofrequency energy to the dermis while simultaneously measuring the real-time temperature at its tip. Just enough RF energy is delivered to safely heat the tissue. An external video camera is also used to measure the skin’s surface temperature for added safety and comfort.

In some cases, Dr. Langdon may perform ThermiTight® in conjunction with another procedure, such as breast reduction or liposuction. If excess fat is contributing to your sagging skin, including liposuction to reduce fat deposits can improve your results and provide a slim, toned contour.

Because the ThermiTight® device uses real-time monitoring and only heats the tissue to a safe temperature that avoids thermal damage, the treatment poses minimal side effects and recovery. You may have some redness, swelling, and bruising. Many patients resume their usual activities right away or within a few days.

We will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions for your unique procedure. Dr. Langdon may recommend icing the treatment area or wearing a compression garment to reduce swelling. It may be one to two weeks before you can resume strenuous exercise. If your procedure includes liposuction, recovery may take longer.

Results from ThermiTight® develop gradually and are long-lasting. There is often immediate visible tightening since the RF energy contracts collagen fibers, but maximal improvement can take three or four months as your body produces new collagen. In certain cases, two ThermiTight® treatments may be needed to achieve a patient’s desired improvement. 

You can expect to enjoy the skin tightening benefits of ThermiTight® for a few years, and you can have maintenance treatments as needed to preserve the effect. ThermiTight® helps undo the effects of sun damage and age on your skin, so proper skin care and protecting yourself from sun exposure can help maintain your results. Having occasional non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments like microneedling can also help boost your skin’s collagen production.

For many patients, ThermiTight® allows them to put off more intensive procedures like a facelift or neck lift. However, those with extremely loose skin or sagging of the deeper fascial layers may require a surgical facelift. Ideal candidates for ThermiTight® are healthy overall and have mild to moderate skin laxity and sagging.

ThermiTight® is suitable for all skin types and tones and is a safe treatment option for most patients. During a detailed consultation, Dr. Langdon will help you determine if this treatment is right for you.

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