Women have various reasons in seeking breast-enhancement surgeries – from underdeveloped bosom to reshaping sagging breasts following pregnancy. Others are quite happy with their breast size but just wants them to be fuller. Dr. Robert Langdon will meticulously assess your desires, goals and expectations in designing a customized Connecticut natural breast augmentation to give you highly satisfying results.

You may be anxious days or weeks before the surgery. Here are several essential points to remember before breast augmentation with Dr. Langdon. After all, careful preparation will certainly go a long way.

1. A mammogram may be ordered a few months before the surgery to make sure that your breast tissues are relatively healthy. Expect more than just the routine mammograms as additional specialized views may be required.

2. If you’re a smoker, you may be asked to quit the habit to prevent serious lung and heart complications post-procedure. Smoking decreases the oxygen levels in your blood thus the likelihood of complications.

3. Avoid taking aspirin or drugs with anti-inflammatory properties a few months before your scheduled operation. Taking these drugs pre-surgery will most likely increase the chances of bleeding during breast augmentation. You can replace aspirin with drugs containing acetaminophen such as Tylenol.

4. Arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure. You can place a comfortable pillow in your vehicle to promote comfort during the drive home. If you’re living alone, you can ask someone to stay with you and help out a few days following surgery.

5. Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks 2-3 days before the operation.

Home preparation includes the following:

1. Set up a recliner or sofa with comfortable pillows and blankets. It is quite important to keep your upper body elevated days following the procedure; this will keep the breast implants in place during the initial healing phase.

2. Have a number of ice packs handy. You will most likely need them at home after the surgery to reduce swelling. Reusable gel packs are also a good alternative.

3. A heating pad will also provide back pain relief from prolonged sleeping and lying down while your upper body is propped up.

4. A handful of books, magazines, music players and DVDs will keep you entertained during recovery.

5. Store food that is easy on the stomach such as applesauce, oatmeal, yogurt and pudding. Do your grocery in advanced and stock on highly-nutritious meals.

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