Almost all of us want to have that golden glow right after a few hours of basking under the sun, right? In general, a tan is perceived as healthy, what with the way you radiate amongst a sea of light-skinned girls and how it makes you look slimmer at the same time. Howbeit, most of us do not actually realize the disastrous effects of prolonged sun exposure.

At The Langdon Center for Laser & Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Robert Langdon offers the Connecticut Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing procedure for clients wanting to improve their sun-damaged skin. Read on below for essential must-knows about hyperpigmentation.

1. Hyperpigmentation refers to darkened skin patches as a result of melanin production. Melanin production determines your skin color and is formed by melanocytes. Furthermore, these melanocytes protect your skin by shielding you from UV radiation.

2. As a skin condition, hyperpigmentation ranges from small localized dark spots to large areas such as melasma in the face.

3. Apart from sun exposure, hyperpigmentation could be a result of hormonal shifts, a side effect of a laser procedure amongst dark-skinned individuals, and irritation of the skin as a reaction from certain drugs. Other conditions related to hyperpigmentation include diabetes, pregnancy and several fungal infections. You might want to see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon the moment you notice unusual skin discoloration on your end.

4. The best way to prevent hyperpigmentation is quite simple- stay out of the sun!

5. Your favorite perfume may even cause your skin to darkened. Alcohol-based products have been shown to increase skin pigment production when exposed to the sun. When applying perfume, avoid spraying it directly to non-covered areas such as the skin and the arms. Spray your fragrance underneath your clothes instead.

6. If staying outdoors cannot be helped, apply lotions and cream with broad spectrum sun protection factor. A broad spectrum product will protect you from all kinds of ultraviolet radiation – infrared rays, UVA and UVB.

7. When it comes to sun protection, consistency is the key. Do not be fooled with the idea that you only need to protect your skin when it’s sunny outside. UV rays still exist on overcast days.

Professional hyperpigmentation treatments by Dr. Langdon can certainly help you treat hyperpigmented areas. Such treatments utilize pigment-fighting ingredients which deliver quick results than home remedies. Schedule your visit with Dr. Langdon the soonest!