Did you know that autumn is one of the best times to undergo facelift surgery? It’s true. “The Facelift-before-after-guilford-ct-langdon-centerbeginning of fall is typically one of the best times for a facelift,” says board-certified dermatologist and New Haven cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert Langdon. “The numerous social commitments of the summer season have typically come to a close, but it’s before the holidays are in full swing. This leaves time for healing and recovery. Patients who undergo a facelift in the fall will be enjoying their new look for Christmas and the New Year.”

If you’ve been considering facelift surgery in New Haven County, Fairfield County or Middlesex County, now may be the perfect time to refresh and renew. Dr. Langdon is proud to offer the The ExpresS-Lift, a minimal-incision facelift.

A facelift at The Langdon Center poses less downtime than traditional methods and often yields more natural-looking (though still dramatic) anti-aging results. Also unlike traditional facelift surgery, a minimum incision facelift with Dr. Langdon requires only safe, local (awake) anesthesia, poses few potential complications, little to no scarring, less bruising, swelling and a more rapid recovery.

Benefits of a facelift in CT include:

  • Tighter neck area (no more “turkey neck”)
  • Dramatically reduced jowls
  • A more defined jawline and chin
  • Less sagging lower facial skin
  • …and more!

For those interested in a CT facelift, we encourage you to view our before and after gallery.

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