Q: Dr. Langdon, I’ve heard that there is a “minimal incision” facelift. Can you explain a bit more?

A: Of course. The incision in the skin is what you see on the surface. The advantage of what we call a “minimal incision” is that it is much shorter than the incision used in a traditional facelift, and it heals in a very natural way. Because of this, it is pretty much undetectable to the casual eye. The incision begins in front of the ear and goes slightly behind the earlobe. It does not go far behind the ear like a traditional incision would. As a result, the incision is much more easily obscured, and should not become an easily detectable scar. The minimum incision technique is just one of the advanced methods that plastic surgeons or cosmetic dermasurgeons use today, and is a procedure that The Langdon Center of Guilford, CT is highly skilled and experienced at performing.