In a recent item for People Magazine “Style Watch,” one fashion editor tried a new bra created specifically to reduce “armpit fat” and “bra roll.” Although these names may sound funny, this cosmetic concern is anything but. Fat on the back can make you feel insecure in strapless tops, dresses and swim suits, as well as create unsightly rolls because of ill-fitting undergarments.

People reported, “When I heard about . . . the ‘no side effects’ bra, I knew I had to try it. Especially since spring and summer are upon us and there will clearly be sleeveless tops in my future. The bra claims to get rid of “sleeve-age” or what I like to call the dreaded “armpit fat.’”

The fashion editors verdict? She only noticed a “slight difference.” For those seeking a more dramatic and long-lasting solution for back fat, we recommend the variety of non-and minimally invasive body-contouring technologies available at The Langdon Center in New Haven County.

In addition to reducing unwanted fat on the abdomen, flanks (love handles), arms, inner thighs and outer thighs (saddle bags), CoolSculpting® non-surgical fat reduction is extremely effective for back fat, armpit fat and “bra roll.” So many women love that they can dramatically reduce these ugly bumps and bulges with absolutely no surgery or downtime — and in just one hour-long treatment (per area)!

Laser liposuction of the back and underarm area is another safe, effective and popular option for reducing unwanted fat in this area. In addition to reducing fat bulges, laser lipo (also known as SmartLipo™) can tighten sagging skin. These advantages make this procedure an extremely popular option for men and women who want to reduce back fat, but also tighten loose, crepey skin. With just 1 to 3 days of downtime, safe, local (awake) anesthesia and a low risk of side effects, you can enjoy a slimmer, trimmer back and underarm area this spring, summer and all year long!

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