Statistics show that 20% of Americans regret their tattoos, and 40% of these individuals seek removal to improve their employment status. Not surprisingly, tattoo removal treatments saw a 32% increase between 2011 to 2012. Are you among the many in this statistic?

Tattoo removal using traditional nanosecond (billionths of a second) range lasers has historically been a long process of 10-20 treatments over two or more years. After all those treatments stubborn ink colors may still persist. The older nanosecond laser technology has been used for more than 20 years and is frequently very painful when dark tattoos are treated.
The new PicoSure™ laser operates in the much faster picosecondTattoo Removal the Langdon Center
(trillionths of a second) range and is more than twice as effective as older technology (see the above photo showing the same tattoo treated with both types of laser). PicoSure™ laser treatments are also less painful!

The new PicoSure™ laser at The Langdon Center is one of only a handful of such devices in the United States and one of very few on the East Coast. With the PicoSure®, the first new tattoo removal system introduced in two decades, you can remove even dark green, blue and black tattoos in less time and with less pain.

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