Did you know that chin augmentation was the fastest growing surgical cosmetic procedure last year? As said in New Beauty Magazine, “In the quest for a more youthful-looking face in an ever older and competitive job market, facial bones play a major role in an aged appearance.”

With the popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype, in which ones face is on display in profile photos, it’s no wonder that people are requesting chin augmentation more than ever before. Recently, Dancing With the Stars contestant Bristol Palin and Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson both underwent very publicized chin implant procedures, and with beautiful results!

The procedure is nothing new in the medical aesthetic world; in fact, Marilyn Monroe underwent chin augmentation way back in the 1940s.

Here at The Langdon Center in Guilford, chin augmentation (chin implant) can correct a weak or recessed chin by balancing facial proportions. Many patients don’t like their weak or small chin because it can make their neck look bigger or fatter than it is, creating the appearance of a “double chin.”

In this procedure the chin implant is placed through a small well-camouflaged incision. This method results in changes that are subtle yet transforming, bringing facial features into a more proportional balance.

If you suffer from a small or weak chin, schedule your chin augmentation consultation with Dr. Langdon. Call 203-745-0340.