Did you know that Marilyn Monroe underwent cosmetic surgery in the late 1950’s to improve and enhance her chin? It’s true—and many credit the procedure with contributing to her classic, signature beauty. According to a recent article that appeared in the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail, Hollywood plastic surgeon Michael Gurdin has unearthed medical notes and records indicating that she did in fact undergo these procedures. Marilyn’s little beauty secret is out of the bag!

When there is significant deficiency of the chin area, sometimes called a “weak chin,” enhancement can be accomplished with a minimally invasive chin implant procedure. Chin augmentation is an extremely popular facial rejuvenation service here at The Langdon Center in New Haven County, as it improves the jaw line and neck profile, one of the first areas of the face to show signs of aging.An important contributor to facial beauty is balance and proportion, specifically of three main areas: the chin, nose and forehead. These three areas give symmetry and harmony to the face. When any one area is out of proportion, it can make another area appear less attractive. This may have been the case for Marilyn; by improving and enhancing her chin, her face became more balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

A “weak chin” can make even a normal nose appear overly large. Rhinoplasty (to reduce the nose) and chin augmentation are also often combined, as these two procedures “complement” one another, and can improve the visual harmony of the face as a whole. If you suffer from a “weak chin” and you are self-conscious about your profile, come meet with us for your consultation to see how we may be able to help.

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