With the variety of non-and minimally invasive body contouring options available at The Langdon Center, we often receive the question – which is right for me? While only a consultation can determine which treatment or procedure is best to achieve your unique cosmetic goals, CoolSculpting is a great, no downtime option for eliminating diet and exercise resistant belly fat such as “love handles” and “muffin top.”

When it comes to CoolSculpting, it’s all about “the inch you can pinch.” If you have areas of pinchable fat along the abdominals, flanks or back, you’re most likely a candidate for this revolutionary non-surgical fat reduction method. Because the CoolSculpting device affixes to bumps and bulges of fat, it’s most effective on areas that can be grabbed.

New Beauty Magazine recently gave CoolSculpting top marks, saying, “CoolSculpting is great for downtime-free fat reduction…It’s an excellent answer for healthy patients to reduce fat in the abdomen, love handles and the muffin top, with little to no downtime. The results become more evident over time, so the improvement and gradual change prevents anyone from asking the question, ‘what have you had done?’”

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