A facelift is a popular procedure for anyone who would like to look years younger. It can improve the facial and neck sagging and lost volume that often occur as we age. Because a facelift is a surgical procedure that requires incisions, stitches, and a week or more of downtime, many patients wonder if a non-surgical facelift is a viable option. The good news is yes, at The Langdon Center you can undergo SmartLyft with Renuvion, a non-surgical facelift alternative that can give impressive results. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Smartlyft with Renuvion Guilford
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What to Expect During SmartLyft with Renuvion

SmartLyft with Renuvion is the most effective method to improve the contours of the lower face and neck without incisional surgery. Dr. Langdon begins by providing gentle anesthesia to the entire lower cheek and neck area. Next, he performs liposuction of the neck and jowl area (lower cheeks) using tiny (2 mm) liposuction cannulas. Renuvion radiofrequency (RF) energy is then applied to the entire neck and lower cheek area through a tiny (3 mm) RF wand. At the tip of the RF wand, a special plasma is generated from a stream of safe, non-toxic helium gas. The helium plasma effectively conducts the RF energy to the fibro-septal network, the connective tissue fibers that run through the subcutaneous layer and attach to the skin.

The plasma-guided RF energy from the Renuvion treatment causes the fibro-septal network and the overlying skin to contract or tighten. Improvement is obvious within one week but additional improvement can be expected over the next few months.

Because local anesthesia is used prior to SmartLyft, you will find the actual treatment to be virtually painless. No stitches are needed. An elastic compression wrap is worn for a few days. Most swelling will resolve within one week.

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Benefits of SmartLyft with Renuvion

SmartLyft with Renuvion is the most effective method of skin tightening without incisional surgery. In fact, extensive sun damage of the neck is better treated with this modality than with traditional surgery.

Because no incisional surgery is needed (and no stitches), there is typically no visible scarring after SmartLyft with Renuvion.

Good Candidates for the SmartLyft with Renuvion

If you are in reasonably good health and want to rejuvenate your face and neck without incisional surgery, SmartLyft with Renuvion is an excellent option. You should have normal skin thickness and mild to moderate laxity. In the event you’re facing heavy folds or jowls, a surgical facelift may be recommended. Keep in mind that while SmartLyft with Renuvion can make you look younger, it won’t replicate the more dramatic results of a facelift.

“I had an express face lift 13 years ago. At the time I was very happy with the results. I looked younger and fresher, but the effect was also natural. Now 13 years years later, at the age of 68, I still look great. When I tell people my age, they express disbelief. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to look younger.” *

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