Ask people to list what they do for skincare, and most often they’ll tell you about lotions
and protective sunscreens for their faces, but many do not think of their hands.  Nevertheless, hands are just as deserving of a beauty routine.  Not only are your hands on the front line of environmental damage from the sun, chemicals and other aging influences, but hands also show the signs of aging.  To protect the skin of your hands and keep them looking young, try these tips:


Regular Use of Gloves:

-Driving gloves for protection from the sun

-Winter gloves for protection from the dry winter weather (and to keep warm too!)

-Rubber gloves for dish washing

-Cotton gloves (with cream) to wear while sleeping


Choose a Good Manicurist Who:

– Is gentle and interested in hand care

-Won’t damage nail beds or cuticles


Look for Clues from your Diet:

-Vitamin B2 deficiency could cause cracking or splitting of nails

-Not enough Vitamin A and/or calcium can result in dry, brittle nails

-Too little zinc can result in dry, hardened cuticles


If your hands have already begun to show the signs of aging, The Langdon Center has some solutions.  Fat transfer to the hands will give them a younger appearance by filling in some of the thinning beneath the skin that naturally happens over time.  A PhotoFacial (yes, these treatments can be done in non-facial areas) will help remove brown (sun) spots and fine lines.


By the way, did you know the #1 cause of aging of the hands is from sunlight exposure while gripping a steering wheel?  Just one more reason to wear sunscreen every day, all year long!


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