Dr. Langdon is currently writing a chapter on his preferred technique for face lift surgery in the upcoming third edition of the textbook Surgery of the Skin, published by Elsevier, the world’s largest publisher of medical books and journals.

Dr. Langdon wrote similar chapters in the first and second editions of this major textbook. The title of Dr. Langdon’s latest chapter is “Lamellar High-SMAS Minimum Incision Face Lift.” This is the formal name for the technique Dr. Langdon uses in the ExpresS-Lift facelift.

The ExpresS-Lift face lift at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT, is a minimal incision face lift that, compared to traditional facelift surgery, has fewer potential complications and a faster recovery. The ExpresS-Lift face lift also offers advantages such as a shorter skin incision, a more inconspicuous resulting scar, and the use of safe, local anesthesia. In addition, the procedure is virtually painless.

This procedure can vastly improve the most visible signs of aging on the face and neck, such as sagging skin and jowls. The benefits of an ExpresS-Lift face lift at The Langdon Center in New Haven County include:

  • A more refined jawline and under chin area
  • Tighter, more youthful-looking facial and neck skin
  • More youthful neck contour
  • Reduced folds and furrows in the lower face
  • …and more!

“Many patients choose to undergo the ExpresS-Lift face lift at a younger age to address these signs of aging, such as a sagging lower face, before they progress from moderate to severe, says Dr. Langdon. “The results are beautiful, subtle and natural-looking.”

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