Dr. Langdon will be presenting a lecture on his facelift technique at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) 2019 Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL on January 31. AACS is the nation’s largest surgical society representing cosmetic surgeons from the four core specialties of otolaryngology (facial plastic surgeons), ophthalmology (oculoplastic surgeons), dermatology (dermatoplastic surgeons) and plastic surgery (general plastic surgeons).

Aacs 2019
Aacs 2019

Key Features

In his presentation, Dr. Langdon will review the key features of his exclusive Express-Lift Facelift. These include the use of tumescent local anesthesia, a minimal length skin incision, release of key fascial tethering ligaments to increase mobility and lift of the SMAS fascia, and a largely vertical direction of SMAS suspension.

The use of local anesthesia minimizes post-operative bruising and swelling and greatly speeds up recovery (hence the name, Express-Lift). A short (minimal length) skin incision is possible because the direction of lift is largely vertical, which obviates the need to remove a significant amount of excess skin from behind the ear. Thus, the extensive behind-the-ear scarring of a traditional facelift is avoided. Another major advantage of a relatively vertical lift is the natural result. Because gravity, the cause of sagging, is a downward, vertical force, a vertical facelift provides the most natural-looking result.

How It Works

The essence of modern facelifts is the suspension (lift) of the superficial fascia of the face (referred to as SMAS). The SMAS is attached to deeper, underlying structures at two key points: the cheekbone and the lateral neck. In most facelifts, surgeons simply lift the SMAS but leave these tethering attachments intact (the SMAS is just stretched). In the Express-Lift, Dr. Langdon releases these attachments, resulting in a greater degree of movement (lifting) of the SMAS, thus providing more impressive results.

Dr. Langdon Facelift Before & After
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