Trimming away the excess fat sans the knife is very much possible with laser liposuction. The popularity of such advanced body-contouring procedure has gained momentum for the past few years. Unlike traditional liposuction techniques, this method of liposuction guarantees maximum fat removal and faster recovery. Dr. Robert Langdon offers the Connecticut SlimLipo™, a laser body sculpting technique to effectively get rid excess fat.

How it Works

SlimLipo™ employs laser energy in heating the excess fat targeted for suctioning. The “fat-melting” laser diode technology turns the fat into a semi-soft state making it easier for removal later in the process. This laser-assisted technique allows for you to achieve your body-contouring goals with smaller incisions, less bruising and less blood loss. The downtime associated with traditional liposuction is significantly reduced with this technique.

Unique Features

The SlimLipo™ technique selectively targets and melts dermal and adipose tissue in areas filled with unwanted fat while enhancing skin tightness at the same time. The wavelengths used in the procedure are unique in a way where they can easily glide around curved portions and fibrous tissues. Its subtle way of melting fat also promotes smoother results and lesser skin deformities associated with traditional liposuction.

Ideal Target Areas

Ideal target areas for the SlimLipo™ technique by Dr. Langdon includes your upper arms, lower abdomen, and inner and anterior thighs. The technique can also be employed during male breast reduction procedures.


SlimLipo™ will work best for you if you are relatively in good physical, mental and emotional health. You should also be within approximately 25 pounds of your ideal body weight. It is important to note, however, that SlimLipo™ is not recommended for clients who are currently pregnant or presently breastfeeding. If you’ve been taking medications such as anti-coagulants lately, you might also want to inform Dr. Langdon about it.

Quit smoking if you can. If this is impossible, you might want to stop smoking a month or two before the scheduled SlimLipo™ procedure. The lesser you smoke, the less likelihood of having bleeding problems during and after the procedure. Typically, a solo session is only needed.

For more information on SlimLipo™ and how it can help you safely and permanently remove fat, schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Langdon today!