Did you know that The Langdon Center conducts regular, free beauty seminars? These special events are designed for women of all ages, and are open to existing patients as well as individuals who may simply want to learn more about treatments and procedures for the skin and body.

Dr. Langdon has found these events to be very enjoyable. “It’s great fun to meet new people as well as to greet friends who have been longstanding patients. Some treat this as a ‘girls’ night out,’ while others come with pad and paper, ready to learn more about the services we offer.”

One of the best features of the seminars is the question and answer session, according to Dr. Langdon. People love to be able to learn and discuss cosmetic treatments and procedures in a fun, low key, engaging setting. The opportunity to socialize over refreshments is an added benefit, too.

The important thing to remember about seminars at the Langdon Center is that they truly come with no strings attached. While event-only special discounts are available to attendees, there is absolutely no pressure to buy or to commit. “We’re here to share information and make new friends.  In fact, the relaxed atmosphere is what makes these events so much fun,” says Dr. Langdon.

If you’re considering attending, do not hesitate to bring a friend. While the event is absolutely free, we do ask that you RSVP, as seating is limited.

To learn more about beauty seminars at The Langdon Center, contact us by calling 203-745-0340.