Not only can cystic acne cause deep-seated scars on your face, it can also leave internal scars, as many who have this skin disorder suffer from emotional distress. In fact, cystic acne has been associated with long-term psychological issues such as low self-esteem and depression.


The good news is that there truly are effective treatment options, and for many it is possible to get rid of cystic acne for good.


First it’s important to know that while cystic acne is a type of acne, it can’t be treated in the same way as blackheads and whiteheads because it affects deeper skin tissue than common acne. This means that while regular acne can be managed with topical medications, cystic acne cannot. Because cystic acne may be worsened by hormones, birth control pills may be recommended for women. Other internal medication can be used as well, including antibiotics, which help to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.


Lasers and other light therapies: These devices reduce the p. acnes bacteria (one of the underlying causes of acne) and can also reduce sebaceous (oil) gland activity. Photodynamic therapy is a treatment that combines topical application of a special drug followed by treatment of the skin with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). The Langdon Center can help determine if this type of treatment is right for you.


Chemical peels:  Chemical peels may be helpful for surface acne lesion (comedones).


The most important thing to remember is that when it comes to cystic acne, you have options!


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