If you have hyperhidrosis, then you likely are already all-too-familiar with the excessive sweating symptoms that come along with this frustrating condition.

That’s why you want an answer to this important question: “How can I treat hyperhidrosis?”

There are  powerful treatments available for hyperhidrosis, but first, let’s take a closer look at why excessive sweating happens in the first place.

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Why Hyperhidrosis Happens

With normal sweating functionality, your body’s sweat glands work to keep your internal temperature regulated. That’s why you tend to sweat when working out or when you’re hot, as this is your body making an effort to effectively cool you down.

Hyperhidrosis, however, happens when overactive sweat glands produce sweat, regardless of your body’s internal temperature. People who suffer from this condition often report such excessive sweating symptoms that they have to change their shirts several times each day. Some even refrain from participating in social functions and activities because they’re self-conscious about potential “pit stains.”

Although no one is sure why these overactive sweat glands develop, because hyperhidrosis is a permanent condition the most effective treatment is one that destroys or even removes these sweat glands.

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Treat Hyperhidrosis with Precision TX™

The Langdon Center is proud to offer minimally invasive Precision TX™ treatments for excessive underarm sweating. 

Precision TX™ is an effective treatment that stops overactive sweat glands in their tracks by utilizing laser energy delivered by a tiny fiber optic through a small skin incision. This laser energy disrupts the overactive sweat glands, causing them to immediately cease sweat production. Dr. Langdon then performs a procedure similar to liposuction in which a suction cannula is used to physically remove sweat glands from under the skin.

That means, even after one treatment, you could see an immediate reduction in your underarm sweating!

During your Precision TX™ treatment, a local anesthetic will be used to make the procedure painless. The tiny fiber optic is then fed through the small skin incision to the sweat glands; from there, powerful zaps of laser energy are delivered directly to the overactive glands.

Results are immediate and long-lasting, with only minor swelling and sensitivity to contend with for a few days after treatment.

“I was an eye model in my 20’s so when my lids began to droop I knew I had to do something about it. I researched extensively and found Dr. Langdon to be the best Doctor to touch my eyes. I drive over an hour each way to get to his office. It’s been totally worth it. I am so happy with my eyes. My eyes look 20 years younger.” *

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