Many women with large breasts wish they could reduce their bra size but are intimidated by the scars left behind in a traditional breast reduction. The extensive recovery after a breast reduction gives many patients pause, too. Dr. Robert Langdon, founder and director of The Langdon Center for Laser & Cosmetic Surgery, has significantly reduced both downtimes and scarring with a No-Scar Breast Reduction technique.

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How Does No Scar Breast Reduction Work?

Larger breasts tend to have more fatty tissue compared to glandular breast tissue, which is what gives them their pendulous size and weight. This fact is crucial to the success of Dr. Langdon’s scarless breast reduction technique. 

The no-scar procedure starts with an infusion of the breasts with a tumescent anesthetic solution to thoroughly numb the breasts. Then, Dr. Langdon makes tiny incisions through which he inserts a micro-cannula to suction out the fatty tissues in the breasts. Although this procedure is similar to liposuction, Dr. Langdon uses special techniques while shaping the breasts for maximum results without significant trauma to the breast tissues and skin.

Because the weight of the breasts is greatly reduced, there is a significant lift and tightening without the excess fat weighing the breasts down. The volume reduction of fat can be remarkable, and the skin often contracts accordingly for a much more pleasing, in-proportion breast size and shape.

Am I a Good Candidate for No-Scar Breast Reduction?

If the size of your breasts contributes to physical discomfort, neck and shoulder pain, insecurity about your body, ill-fitting clothing, skin problems like yeast infections, or headaches and back pain from poor weight distribution, you may be a candidate for Dr. Langdon’s scarless breast reduction. Your comprehensive consultation can give you a personalized treatment plan with Dr. Langdon.

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How Long is Recovery from a No-Scar Breast Reduction?

Unlike traditional surgical breast reduction, your scarless breast reduction will require far less time for recovery. Breast reductions with more significant tissue trauma—large incisions, nipple grafting, skin removal—typically require 1-2 weeks of rest, wound care, and pain management before patients begin to feel like themselves again. With scarless breast reduction at The Langdon Center, recovery is typically 2-3 days. The small incisions made for the cannulas don’t even require stitches to close.

You can be back to work in days rather than weeks. Most activity restrictions such as lifting more than 20 pounds or raising your arms above shoulder height are not necessary. This is often great news for busy professionals, mothers of small children, or women who simply want the benefits of breast reduction without the significant scars. A scarless breast reduction is also an excellent alternative for patients who want to avoid general anesthesia.

What Results Can I Expect from No-Scar Breast Reduction?

Even without surgery, patients of Dr. Langdon’s scarless breast reduction experience a great deal of lift once they’re healed. The liposuction technique is capable of removing a significant amount of weight from the breasts, and even skin that has been stretched can contract and tighten. 

Patients report feeling more confident in their appearance, take greater pleasure in their clothing choices, and experience relief of back, shoulder, and neck pain. Many of Dr. Langdon’s patients have said the procedure has changed their lives and they wish they’d done it sooner.

The reduction in my breast area is amazing. It was a quick procedure that resulted with lighter breast and no scars. I am now portioned to my size. It’s great to wear the same size on top as bottom.

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