Thousands of men and women have turned to laser tattoo removal to say goodbye to unwanted tattoos. If you’re interested in laser tattoo removal and wondering how much it costs, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll dive deeper into laser tattoo removal and the pricing associated with it. 

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What Goes Into the Cost of Tattoo Removal?

Budgeting for your tattoo removal can be a challenge. Similarly to the actual tattoo, prices for removal can vary significantly. While your friend may be able to fade their tattoo with a few quick sessions, you may require more treatments to get the tattoo you want. Here’s what goes into the cost of tattoo removal. 

#1: The Size of the Tattoo

When determining the cost of your tattoo removal, size is the biggest factor. While extra-small tattoos might cost you about $50 per session, an extra-large tattoo can quickly up the price you’ll pay. The location of your tattoo can also be a cost factor as tattoos that require a specialized applicator or are hard to reach might be a bit more expensive.

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#2: The Type of Technology Used

You may pay less if you go to a clinic that uses outdated technology. However, here at The Langdon Center, we use the PicoSure and PiQo-4 Lasers, the most advanced devices available to ensure minimal pain, side effects, and downtime. Therefore, you may pay a bit more for your tattoo removal sessions.

#3: Ink Color & Quality

Tattoos that are dark or all black can be removed with fewer treatments. Lighter or more colorful tattoos might require additional sessions to get the same results. Additionally, an ink that is higher quality is usually more difficult to remove.

#4: The Age of Your Tattoo

You may be surprised to learn that older tattoos are much easier to remove. Here’s why: Your body has already begun to break down the pigmentation for you. A newer, fresher tattoo that didn’t turn out quite right might cost more to get rid of than a tattoo you’ve been hiding for a few years.

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