Removing Tattoos Faster and With Less Pain!

Have you heard the buzz about PicoSure, the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology available today? Available now at The Langdon Center in Guilford, and one of only a few such devices in the United States, PicoSure can remove even multi-colored green and blue tattoos in half the time, and with less pain. It’s also the first new laser tattoo removal technology approved by the FDA in 20 years.

What makes PicoSure tattoo removal at The Langdon Center so superior? While traditional methods break up ink particles in nanoseconds (billionths of a second), PicoSure does it in even faster pulses—in picoseconds (trillionths of a second)! With this far more effective technology, we are able to provide a better result in half the time and with half the treatments. Lighter tattoos can be removed in as little as one treatment!

Still not convinced? Take a look and these incredible before and after photos on

PicoSure is truly revolutionary because it can completely remove your tattoo. No blotches or faint outlines will likely be visible after your tattoo removal treatments at The Langdon Center.

Don’t waste more money, time and energy on ineffective older technology, endless tattoo removal treatments and inferior results. Don’t settle for anything less than the best, and schedule your PicoSure consultation at The Langdon Center today! Call 203-745-0340