Cost of Breast Augmentation in Guilford

Natural Breast Augmentation provides safe and lifelong volume enhancement of the breasts using only fat from the same patient’s body. Liposuction is used to remove unwanted fat from problem areas; the harvested fat is then “recycled” and used as a fat graft to augment the breasts. Many patients wonder how much Natural Breast Augmentation costs and how it compares to breast implants.

The cost of Natural Breast Augmentation can vary based on the amount of liposuction and the areas of the body that are treated. The fee for the breast augmentation itself is fixed from case to case.

Natural Breast Augmentation Guilford
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Because Natural Breast Augmentation includes liposuction, fat purification and fat grafting, it may be more expensive than a simple breast augmentation with implants. Patients can expect obvious improvement with one session of Natural Breast Augmentation but can achieve even more volume augmentation if they undergo the procedure a second time. This would be an option if there are additional body areas that could benefit from liposuction.

With all these factors, the typical procedure at the Langdon Center ranges from $6,000 to $9,000 USD.

Each patient’s situation is unique and will require a consultation. Please contact The Langdon Center to schedule a consultation by calling 203-745-0340or click here to contact us.

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