In a recent Vogue article entitled “Lift Off”, the numerous benefits of chemical peels were discussed at length. The article also corrected many chemical peel urban legends, and separated skin care fiction from skin care fact.

The new array of customized chemical peels, like those available at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT, can remedy almost any common skin care issue.

The article states, “The latest cocktails have yielded gentle peels for virtually every skin type and issue: Have sun damage or discoloration? There’s a peel for that. Bothered by fine lines? Or just dull skin? Get a peel. Is acne a problem? A peel will help.”

In fact, chemical peels can now erase certain signs of aging that only lasers could previously address. Today, peels are also being combined with laser treatments to maximize benefits and minimize downtime.

A great example of a chemical peel and laser combo procedure is MicroLaserPeel®, which can reduce sun damage, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and even scars.

The article in Vogue also states that a “no pain, no gain” approach to chemical peels is outdated. Chemical peels today use exfoliating acids in lower strengths to shed dead skin cells and pore clogging impurities.

In addition to the customized ingredients in today’s peels, downtime is also tailored to a patient’s needs and lifestyle. Peel downtime can range from a day or so to a full week, depending on the results desired.

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