The terms eyelid lift and blepharoplasty often get used interchangeably. So, the question is: Is an eyelid lift the same as a blepharoplasty? The answer is yes. These are two names for the same procedure, which can help improve the appearance of both your upper and lower eyelids. A blepharoplasty may be just what you need to get rid of that “tired” look and achieve a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

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How Does a Blepharoplasty Work?

Because you have unique aesthetic goals, you can expect Dr. Langdon to design a customized blepharoplasty plan for you. He may recommend that your upper and eyelids are treated simultaneously or separately. Before the procedure, he will administer an anesthetic to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. 

Because Dr. Langdon uses a laser instead of the traditional scalpel for blepharoplasty, you can expect significantly less bruising and swelling after your eyelid lift.  You can use ice packs to minimize swelling; post-op pain is mild and requires only Tylenol as needed. You will be able to return to light activities within a few days of the procedure. While there will be a tiny scar on your upper lid, it will likely fade away in a few months. You won’t have to worry about any scarring at all on your lower lid.

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Benefits of Blepharoplasty

There are a number of benefits you can enjoy if you choose to undergo an eyelid lift. First, it can make you look younger and more alert by giving you a more open look around your eyes. It can even improve your vision if excess skin of the upper eyelid obstructs your ability to see. An eyelid lift can also increase your self-esteem and help you feel more confident in everyday situations. 

Good Candidates for Blepharoplasty

If you are healthy and are bothered by the appearance of your eyes, you may be a good candidate for a blepharoplasty. An eyelid lift can help resolve puffy bags under your eyes and droopy upper eyelids, which can make you look tired when you’re actually feeling well-rested. It’s important to note that this procedure may be modified for patients with glaucoma, dry eyes, or diabetes. 

I was an eye model in my 20’s so when my lids began to droop I knew I had to do something about it. I researched extensively and found Dr. Langdon to be the best Doctor to touch my eyes. I drive over an hour each way to get to his office. It’s been totally worth it. I am so happy with my eyes. My eyes look 20 years younger.

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