According to recent research from Ohio State University, being stressed and anxious can do more than simply affect your mind – it can also have a negative impact on your waistline.SmartLipo Liposuction in Guilford at The Langdon Center

After being fed exactly the same meal, middle-aged women who were stressed burned fewer calories than their carefree counterparts, who were otherwise very similar to them in height, weight and build.

In addition to burning fewer calories, the women who self-identified as stressed were also discovered to have higher levels of insulin following the high calorie meal, which meant they stored more fat. This means that, over time, stress can lead to weight gain and “problem areas” like belly bulge that just don’t seem to budge, despite diet and exercise.

If stress and anxiety have led you to accumulate unwanted fat in certain areas, board-certified dermatologist and New Haven cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert Langdon, can help you slim down for a sensational confidence boost. With FDA-approved SmartLipo in Fairfield County, New Haven County and New London County, the most advanced laser liposuction technology available today, Dr. Langdon can dramatically reduce pockets of stubborn fat with as little as one day of downtime.

“SmartLipo is more effective than previous fat-eliminating laser liposuction methods,” says Dr. Langdon. “SmartLipo causes less trauma by liquefying fat before gently suctioning it away through a micro-cannula, and it also helps seal small blood vessels prior to fat removal. This procedure minimizes bruising and eliminates the need for stitches. I highly recommend SmartLipo to patients who are fighting the battle of the bulge, whether due to stress, aging, poor genetics and more.”

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