Star of the hit television series The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco recently revealed to Cosmopolitan that she underwent breast augmentation at the age of 18. She has been so pleased with her results that she even called the procedure the “best decision” she’s ever made.

Here at The Langdon Center on The Connecticut Shoreline in New Haven County, we frequently hear the same sentiments from our natural breast augmentation patients. Natural breast augmentation (also known as fat transfer to the breasts) is an extremely popular procedure for women looking to enhance their curves and confidence, like Kaley.

Natural breast augmentation is a safe, effective alternative to traditional breast implant surgery, achieving many of the same results but without the use of artificial saline or silicone breast implants.

Traditional breast implant surgery is not permanent, contrary to popular belief. This surgery—which is performed under general (asleep) anesthesia – often has to be repeated every ten to twelve years to maintain results. This means that patients that underwent traditional breast implant surgery at a young age, like Ms. Cuoco, will have to undergo this invasive procedure multiple times to maintain their results. Multiple surgeries entail more risks, more downtime and more time and money.

Natural breast augmentation, on the other hand, is an “awake” (local anesthesia) and in-office procedure. No artificial materials are placed inside the body; instead, board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Langdon utilizes a patient’s own fat to safely and effectively enhance the breasts for long-lasting results. Natural breast augmentation also allows patients to enjoy the benefits of two body contouring procedures—breast enhancement and liposuction—in one!

Furthermore, there is significantly less downtime following natural breast augmentation than traditional breast implant surgery. Following minimally invasive autologous fat transfer to the breasts, just a few days of downtime is common. Invasive breast implant surgery, on the other hand, requires a more lengthy recovery process.

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